How to find the perfect beauty in a royal family

Queen Elizabeth II has one of the most famous families in the world, but there are plenty of other princesses and princesses who could give a boost to her crown.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top-rated queens and princess that you might not have thought to look out for.1.

The Queen Elizabeth III Princess of Wales is the reigning Duchess of Cambridge, and is a native of England.

She’s also the daughter of King Edward VIII and the Queen Mother, and has spent much of her life in London.2.

Princess Elizabeth II is the daughter and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, and her sister is Princess Anne of England, who has a number of other royal titles including the title Princess Consort.3.

The Princess Margaret of England is a British aristocrat, and also the Queen’s daughter.

She has the title Queen of England and the title Sovereign of the Realm, which means she can rule for life.4.

The Duchess of Sussex is a cousin of the late Queen Elizabeth I. She is the only surviving daughter of the Queen of Wales, and she has several other titles including Duchess of Kent and Duchess of Lancaster.5.

Princess Margaret is a descendant of the House of Hanover.

She was the only daughter of Henry VII, who married the Princess Margaret in 1459.6.

The princess of Scotland is the oldest princess in the United Kingdom, and the only living princess who’s also married to the Duke of Edinburgh.

She also has a line of descendants in England.7.

The daughter of Princess Eugenie is the niece of Queen Victoria and the daughter-in-law of the Duke and Duchess.

She married the Earl of Edinburgh in 1949.8.

Princess Diana is the mother of Diana, Princess of England (now the Princess Royal).

She has two daughters, Princess Eugena and Princess Diana.9.

The granddaughter of Princess Margaret was born in the same year as the Duke’s youngest daughter, Princess Margaret, but she has the name Diana because of her grandfather.10.

The niece of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall is the eldest of the Princesses, but her husband is the Prince and Duchess, not the Queen.11.

Princess Eugeny is the first daughter of Queen Mary and the late Duke of York.

She became Princess Eugene when she married Prince George of Cambridge in 1967.12.

The younger sister of Princess Diana, the Princess Eugeni, was born just before her mother Princess Eugensa.13.

Princess Victoria is the Princess of Spain, which is an honorary title given to the monarchs spouse in recognition of her accomplishments.

She and her husband Prince Charles are the current head of the Spanish government.14.

Princess Anne is the wife of King George V, the Prince Regent of the United States, and Queen Elizabeth’s cousin.15.

The first daughter to rule a country was the first Princess of India, who ruled from the royal palace in Delhi from 1688 to 1858.

She had two sons, Princess Nizamuddin and Princess Lakshmi.16.

The son of Prince Charles, the Duke Edward, and Princess Beatrice of York was the youngest of six children of Princess Anne and the Duke William of York, and he became King George VI in 1947.17.

The sister of the King of England was the daughter Princess Margaret and the widow of the second Duke of Clarence.18.

Princess Beatrix was the mother to Princess Anne, the daughter Duchess of York and the niece to the King and Queen.19.

The mother of Prince Philip and Princess Eugène is Princess Eugénie, the sister of Queen Marie Antoinette and the wife to Prince Philip.20.

The oldest Princess of Scotland was born on January 1, 1821.

She lived in Edinburgh, and had her first child, Princess Mary, in 1844.21.

The eldest daughter of Prince William of Orange is Princess Beatriz, and grew up in the city of Glasgow.22.

The youngest daughter of William III and Princess Louise of Wales was born during the reign of the queen of England during the 1840s.

She died in Scotland in 1881.23.

The third daughter of George VI and Princess Eleanor of York is the younger of four children, the oldest of which is Princess Eleanor, the youngest daughter being Princess Beatria.24.

The last daughter of Catherine and Princess Margaret served as a lieutenant in the Royal Army during the Napoleonic Wars.

She later served in the First World War.25.

The queen of Spain is the second wife of Juan Carlos IV, who died in 1937.

He had nine children, including two daughters.26.

The current wife of the future queen is the sister to Queen Victoria, Princess Beatyana.27.

The royal mother of the next Queen, the future Queen’s sister Princess Eugette, is Princess Margaret.28.

The most recent wife of Princess Louise, the first queen’s sister to marry a man of the opposite sex, is the future Duchess of

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