‘Black is beautiful’: ‘Black Lives Matter’ leader says ‘black is beautiful’

LONDON — Black Lives Matters leaders say they are proud to be black and that “black is wonderful.”

Organizers of the first Black Lives Matter rally in London this week announced that it was called to “send a message” to the world that there are black leaders.

Organizers, who say they represent about 20 percent of the country’s population, said they will hold a rally outside London’s Wembley Stadium in a city where race relations have deteriorated since the killing of Michael Brown.

“Black Lives matter is the most powerful movement we have,” said the group’s leader, Al Sharpton, during a news conference Tuesday.

“Black lives matter is not just about police brutality, it’s about racism.

It’s about police violence, and it’s not just an issue of police, it is an issue for us all.”

We want to say that this is a movement that is not about race.

It is not black is bad, it was not black are bad, or white is good, it wasn’t white are good.

We want to make this a movement about racism, about police, about racism and about justice, he said.

Sharpton said Black Lives Matters is about “people of color and black communities being treated with dignity, dignity, and respect.”

He said the movement aims to send a message to the United States government and other governments that “there are black people in this country, there are people of color in this world.”

The group said its goals are to “stop police violence against African Americans, to end racism, and to put an end to racial injustice in America.”

A spokesman for the British National Party, the main opposition party, said the party would not be attending the rally.

“We believe that all people are entitled to dignity and respect and we will not be taking part in this event,” said David Cameron’s spokesman.

Sharptons comments come after a series of white nationalist rallies, some of which have attracted hundreds of thousands of people, were banned by the British government.

The National Union of Students, which represents some of the most prominent British students, said it would not participate in a rally scheduled for Friday in Liverpool.

On Tuesday, a group of Black Lives matter supporters gathered in Liverpool, England, where the event was to take place.

“This is a very important moment for us as a movement to stand together and show that we are united,” said one woman, who declined to give her name.

“I’m a proud black woman, and I am proud of being black, and this is not a racist event.”

The protest, organized by Black Lives and People of Color Against Police Brutality, is part of a global movement aimed at “reducing police brutality and ending racial inequality.”

“We are in a time of massive police brutality in our country,” the group said on its website.

“Our lives are being used against us in order to oppress us and destroy our movement.

We are all black, all brown, and all black lives matter.”

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