The Beauty of Ireland’s Beautiful Shemales

Beautiful Shemale by Eileen Loughlanis has been voted as the most beautiful Irish woman.

The Irish Times voted Eileen’s Beauty of Shemals as the #1 Irish woman, a title she’s been recognised with for years.

“The beauty of the Irish women has always been a secret, but it is now made visible with Eileen.

She’s a beautiful woman with an eye for beauty,” said Eileen in a statement.”

Beauty and shemales have long been linked.

Today, it’s no longer a secret.

Shemaling is a new way of being.”

The Irish Women’s National Association for Equality has also praised Eileen for her bravery, and the “brave” way she spoke out against sexual violence.

“Eileen Lohlanis’ courageous stand against sexual assault and misogyny was a landmark moment in Irish history and one of the most significant acts of courage that has ever been done in this country,” said Michelle Breen, chairperson of the group.

“Today, she has earned a place as a woman who was brave enough to speak out against this vile form of sexual violence against women, and I applaud her for it.”

In 2018, Irish writer and actress Tara Fergusson became the first Irish woman to receive a prize for writing a play, and is the recipient of a 2018 National Theatre Award.

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