When the twin sisters are a child, they’re like two peas in a pod

The twin sisters in this article were born in February, and they’re twins.

Their father, Joe, was diagnosed with ALS when they were a baby.

Since then, Joe has been in a wheelchair.

Joe said he’s had multiple surgeries and has struggled with the disease, but he and his sister have always been so close.

“It’s always been the same,” Joe said.

“They’re like a baby and they always have so much love.”

The sisters are the only twin children that Joe and his wife, Jennifer, have known, and their mother, Laura, is his partner.

Joe has never lost sight of the two twins, and he wants to keep that close bond.

“We are always there for each other,” he said.

He said his sister has been a constant companion in his life.

“She’s been my rock, she’s been the light in my life,” he told ABC News.

“So I’m trying to keep the light of her light shining, as much as I can.”

Joe’s life has been changed by the illness.

“Joe is an amazing person,” Jennifer said.

She added that her sister has always been a good person.

“When Joe’s on the road, he’s an amazing guy,” Jennifer added.

“But she’s the best.

She’s the kindest, most loving, most caring person you’ll ever meet.”

In addition to his wife and their son, Joe and Laura are expecting their third child.

Joe also had a stroke and has had to undergo several surgeries to rebuild his left side.

He is still able to do some walking, and his wheelchair is slowly getting used again.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk anymore,” he joked.

“My legs are so tired.”

The twin twins were adopted by Joe and Jennifer in 2010.

When they were born, the family thought the twins would never be able be together, but they got lucky.

Their mother, who was a single mother, was adopted by a family with a twin brother, who also had ALS.

They were both adopted by the same family and the twin brothers are now married.

“You see them every day and they see you all the time,” Joe told ABCNews.com.

“The sisters are my rock.

They’re the light.

That’s what I’m most proud of. “

That’s what it means to me.

That’s what I’m most proud of.

They have a love for me that I don’t get to experience.”

The twins, both diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, have a very different relationship with each other.

Joe and her sister, Laura have been on the receiving end of Joe’s struggles with ALS, and have become close friends with him.

Jennifer said the sisters were very much his friends and that he has been very supportive of them.

“He was like my mom,” Jennifer recalled.

“If I wanted something, he was my go-to.

He was the one I always wanted to be with.”

She added: “They were my little angels, they were my best friends.”

Jennifer and Joe have become inseparable since their adoption and they share the same house and the same bed.

They still spend time together in Joe’s wheelchair.

“In their eyes, I’m the same person, but their eyes see my sister,” Joe added.

But Joe has had a lot of difficulty adjusting to living in a new body.

“His wheelchair is still the same thing, he can’t sit on it,” Jennifer explained.

“At times, he’ll try to crawl around on his feet, but it’s a lot harder for him to do.”

Joe said the twins are able to be there for him.

“Laura is a great person, a really amazing person.

She helps me out all the day.

She is like my rock,” Joe continued.

“And I’m so thankful for her.”

Joe, Jennifer and Laura have three other children: twins, a son and a daughter.

Joe believes his twin sisters, who are all healthy, will help him and his family through their own battle with ALS.

“Our little sisters are so amazing,” he added.

Joe’s sister, who is also living with ALS and has the same condition as Joe, said she is grateful for Joe’s support.

“Without Joe, I’d probably be dead,” Laura said.

Joe described his sister as a caring person.

He added: I really hope my sister will help Joe out in whatever he’s doing, whatever it is, because she is a really great person.

But, at the same time, she is the light, she brings joy to everybody around her.

Joe was in a coma for six months after his sister’s death.

He lost the use of his left leg and he has not been able to use his right leg.

Joe is currently in a rehabilitation facility in Arizona, and Laura said she hopes to have him back at some point in the future.

Jennifer is in the process of getting

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