Canvas Beauty: ‘I don’t need a lot of makeup, I just need a good-looking face’

Canvas beauty is about to take over the beauty industry.

The beauty industry has been plagued by a slew of controversies, ranging from the use of cosmetic products to the marketing of the products, but for the first time, there is a brand that stands out for its high standards.

Canvas Beauty has created a range of cosmetics that are all formulated with the highest quality ingredients.

The brand was founded by two Australian women, Stephanie and Lisa Crampton, who have been doing beauty since 2012.

The women launched Canvas in 2016 to address the challenges of the beauty market.

Stephanie Cramton explains why she chose to make her own beauty products.

“I wanted to be able to have the luxury of choosing what I wanted and being able to make my own cosmetic products without having to worry about anything,” Ms Cramptons mother said.

The products are all handmade using natural ingredients and they are made from only the best, high quality ingredients, such as: organic beeswax, organic avocado, organic jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, natural coconut oil and coconut butter.

“They’re all organic and sourced locally,” Stephanie said.

“We’re not making things from scratch, we’re just using what we have in the world and doing the best we can.”

Canvas also makes some of the most affordable beauty products available, which include: a range that includes skincare, body and face care, face creams, makeup and hair products.

The range of products is available at online and brick and mortar retailers in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

For the brand’s new line of beauty products, Stephanie said they wanted to make them accessible to women of all shapes and sizes.

“You can buy one product, but you can get it tailored to your face,” Ms Bourn said.

Stephane Cramntons mother explains why the brand is so affordable.

“The beauty is really about giving you a little bit of everything,” Ms Ahern said.

She said the brand has created products that are affordable and have a variety of formulas to choose from.

“If you’re a new buyer, you’ll find it easier to find something you love,” Ms Sohn said.

Canva Beauty has also developed a range for the global market, which includes skintone and skin care products.

For example, the brand also makes a range with a high pH range and a skin care range for women who are looking to improve their skin tone.

“It’s really about creating a product that is perfect for your skin,” Ms Taggart said.

Ms Cramontons mother, Stephanie, and her husband, Lisa, believe that Canvas is doing good for the industry.

“What we’ve done is made an affordable and high quality product, so we can give it to women that really need it,” Stephanie Cramtons mother explained.

“That’s really been the most important thing we’ve tried to do with the brand,” Lisa Crapontons said.

It’s not just Canvas that has a positive impact on the beauty world.

The company also makes cosmetic items that are sold through their website, including face scrubs and hair treatments.

“Canvas makes the best cosmetics on the market, whether it’s the scrubs, products for women or even a full line of products that we can offer for women that want a healthy skin, healthy hair and healthy face,” Lisa said.

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