‘I’m not a woman, I’m a beautiful girl’: Woman tells a stranger she wants to marry her

“I am a beautiful, beautiful girl, not a beautiful man,” the woman tells a friend, as a camera pans across her face.

“And I’m not trying to be clever, and I’m very proud of it.

I am a woman who loves her family, who loves the world and wants to do everything she can for her children, for her country, and she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about her.”

“I love my country,” she adds, as she walks away.

“I’m a woman with my head down, and that’s why I want to marry the man who is the most beautiful in the world.”

The woman is a 19-year-old from Australia who has been dating a man from Nigeria, for more than a year.

He is described by the woman as her “spiritual husband”, who she has been seeing for more then a year and has a history of abuse, domestic violence and sexual harassment.

“He was an abusive husband who would beat me and beat my children,” the man told the ABC’s 7.30 program.

“He was a bad man.”

In the interview, the woman is also asked about her past sexual violence, including one episode where she was raped by her former boyfriend, a former colleague and a former boyfriend.

In a statement, the University of Sydney said it was aware of the allegations and was “deeply concerned” by them.

It said it had “no tolerance for any form of sexual harassment, violence or violence of any kind”.

“It is the University’s policy to respond appropriately to reports of sexual misconduct and we take allegations of such serious matters very seriously,” it said.

The university said it would cooperate fully with police in their investigation, including “voluntary co-operation in any investigation undertaken by the university or other bodies involved”.


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