How to dress for a good night’s sleep

In the past, we’ve told you how to prepare for your next night’s stay in your hotel room and how to make the most of your stay.

Now we want to tell you about the things you should never, ever do in your room.

For starters, we’re telling you not to wear any jewellery.

If you do, you will look like you’ve had a party or gone to the pub.

And no, we don’t want you to get a tattoo.

It’s also important to get some rest before you get up.

That means getting some sleep, but it’s not all bad.

In fact, some experts suggest that sleep may help you stay sharp and awake longer.

There’s also no need to get up and get dressed in the morning.

Here are 10 things to remember before you head out on your night’s drinking adventure.


The more you drink, the more likely you are to be drunk.

There is some evidence that drinking alcohol can actually make you more prone to getting drunk.

This is because alcohol has an effect on the neurotransmitters that regulate the brain’s reward system.

This means that as you drink more alcohol, you are more likely to be hungrier, more prone, and less alert.

But this is not necessarily a bad thing.

A little bit of sleep is a good thing.

Sleep helps you regulate your emotions, so you are less likely to get angry.

A glass of wine before bed may also help you relax and have a better night’s rest.

And while you may not be in a good mood at the end of the night, it’s better to be feeling better than feeling sick.


Don’t drink in the car.

The next time you’re on the road, it can be very dangerous.

Drivers are much more likely than non-drivers to be involved in a crash.

And they may be more likely if they are drinking and driving.

So you want to be careful if you’re driving, and don’t drink if you are.

And if you do get into an accident, you should be careful about the damage you cause.


Don, erm, drink in your bedroom.

You can avoid these issues by being as careful as possible.

For example, don’t sit in the bathtub while you’re showering.

Don and erm you can avoid the problem of the shower, but not the bathroom, either.

And don’t make your bedroom your home, either, by putting it on the ground or lying on the floor.

You may find it more comfortable to lie on a sofa or in bed.

And for the record, this doesn’t mean you should always do these things.

But if you feel uncomfortable or have any doubts about whether your bedroom is safe, consider leaving it on its side.


Donate your underwear to charity.

Some people have suggested that giving underwear to children is a great way to prevent the spread of HIV.

But don’t.

There are many studies that show that the more underwear a child is given, the less likely they are to catch HIV.

And in fact, studies show that children who are given underwear before the age of 12 will be infected more than those who are not.


Don’ t go out in the open without a condom.

This one is the biggest one we’ve got to admit.

And it’s probably the least known of the bunch.

You might think that having a condom on in the dark is just something you should do every now and then, but that’s not what we mean by “every now and again”.

The reality is that you are likely to have unprotected sex more often than you would like, and it’s just not worth the risk.

If we were to do a simple test to find out whether you are having unprotected sex, the odds of contracting HIV are about 1 in 1,000.

And even if you have unprotected intercourse, it could still happen, as many as 100 times a year.

And that doesn’t include the risk of contracting STIs, which can happen even if your partner doesn’t use a condom at all.


Don’, t take your condoms to the toilet.

If your condom is ripped, or if you’ve been unable to get it to work, it is a very bad idea to try to use the toilet with a condom, as it may break and you may get STIs.

This will be even worse if you aren’t able to get the condom on.

If this is the case, take it to a doctor immediately and get a new one.


Don” t use the bathroom with your partner.

If the toilet in your hostel or guesthouse is a toilet, you might be surprised to find that you can get in the shower with your male partner.

But we know that not having a partner is not a good reason to use a toilet in public.

So if you don’t have any other reason to not use a public toilet, take your partner to the bathroom. You

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