‘Naked Planet’ is a new frontier for women’s health

Planet Beauty is taking the issue of sexual harassment to the next level, with a documentary that explores what it’s like to be a naked woman and the effects that sexual harassment and abuse have on women’s lives.

In the documentary, which premieres on PBS Friday, star Lena Dunham (Girls) and other women from the women’s movement are given the opportunity to tell their stories about sexual harassment in the workplace and on the internet.

They are the first women to do so in a docudrama.

Dunham and actress Sarah Paulson will co-produce the docudram, which is set to debut on PBS next year.

It’s not just women who have been sexually harassed, the doc is also focusing on the experiences of transgender women, who have historically been targeted by the same men who harass and assault women.

Paulson will star in the film alongside director Sarah Jaffe, whose latest film, Love Actually, was an Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning documentary that chronicles the relationship between a transgender woman and her therapist.

The documentary will air on PBS on Jan. 19.

Dunhy, who has spoken about her experience as a transgender female in the past, will be featured in the doc.

The film will follow the lives of transgender men, women and other people who have experienced sexual harassment or assault, according to the release.

Dunh said in a statement:I am deeply honored to be featured as part of the Planet Beauty documentary.

This is an opportunity for the people who love me to share with the world how I’ve lived my life and what I’ve been through in my life.

It’s an incredible journey that explores the power of being in the moment, what I can do to make it better.

I look forward to sharing this journey with the audience, and I know that you will too.

I’m honored to make this documentary.

Dunsh is also joining the show as a producer.

The two-hour doc will premiere on PBS and be available to stream online.

Duncan, Paulson and Jaffe are also co-creators of the PBS series, which was produced in partnership with Sundance Institute.

It is produced by the non-profit organization The Planetary Society.

The series is produced in collaboration with the Feminist Majority Foundation, the Women’s Media Center and other partners.

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