How to have a twin is now easier than ever

A couple of years ago, the concept of having a twin was new to the average person.

Twin babies are rare, so it was hard to imagine what that meant to a person who had never experienced one.

But as twins grow older, it’s becoming easier to connect with each other.

A new generation of parents are taking a leap into a new world of twins, and the twin babies we know today aren’t necessarily perfect.

In a new video series called “Two of Us,” I sat down with twins Emily and Jazmine to find out what it’s like to have two identical twins.

First things first, we need to be careful.

Because having two identical twin babies is an unusual situation.

“There are a lot of people who have twins, but they’re not always twins,” said Emily, who’s 5 months pregnant with her second twin.

“Sometimes twins are more like siblings, and sometimes they’re more like sisters.”

I asked Emily and her husband, Ryan, what they think about their twins.

Emily said they’re both “perfect” and that “they are one person.”

They were both born with a brain defect called cleft palmaris.

“The other thing is that they’re twins,” Emily said.

The couple’s twin was born with the same genetic defect as their other sibling. “

When you have two people, you have a little bit of each, but it’s kind of an awkward situation,” she said.

The couple’s twin was born with the same genetic defect as their other sibling.

“They’re two people who are different genetically, so when you see twins, you don’t really know what to expect,” said Ryan.

I asked Ryan about how he and Emily came to the decision to have twins.

“It’s just something that we did because it felt like a good idea,” he said.

I decided to share my thoughts with Emily and Ryan.

“You can’t tell people they have twins,” he told me.

“People have this misconception that they have a big family.

But there are no big families in my opinion.”

The twins’ twin was very happy about having two siblings.

“I think I’m just like a little baby inside, but I love being there,” said Jazmin, who is about 3 months pregnant.

“That’s why we’re having two.

We can just feel each other’s happiness.”

I decided I wanted to ask Emily a few questions about the twins and why she thinks the world is changing in a positive way.

Emily: How did you get started in twinning?

Jaz: I just wanted to be with my parents, but also, like everyone else, I was curious.

I think I was more attracted to twins because it was just like, I want to be around them.

But I also wanted to do something I didn’t know how to do before.

And I had a brother and a sister who were twins, so that was my natural fit.

I had no idea what I was going to do.

I knew I wanted a brother, but how to get a brother was kind of like a puzzle I was trying to solve.

I wanted my twin to have her own life.

But she was still kind of a stranger to me.

Emily, you grew up with twins.

Did you have any other twin siblings?

Did they ever seem to take over your life?

I guess I was a little weird around my brother and sister, but we had so many siblings.

They were like little sisters, so I guess that made sense.

I was kind.

I liked it.

What was your experience with twins growing up?

Did you experience any issues with twins when they were younger?

I mean, I knew twins weren’t supposed to be twins, I just didn’t understand it.

So I didn’ know.

But we always had some other twins who were just so nice to me, and we always got along.

We had so much fun together.

We were inseparable.

Emily also mentioned that she was more comfortable with her sister than she was with her brother.

“So that was definitely helpful,” she admitted.

You can watch the whole series on “Two” on

What do you think of the twins?

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