What to expect at the Oscars on Sunday night: The real story of the Oscars

It’s a big one for a lot of reasons.

First, it’s the Oscars’ most important day.

And second, it is, for the first time, the last night of the Oscar season.

That’s important, and because the last two years have been so lackluster, this one will be more exciting than the rest.

That is, if you can even call it that.

But there are a lot more big-name names and the big-money nominees will make the most of it.

Here are five things to watch for at 8 p.m.

ET Sunday.


Who is nominated?

What are they up against?

The biggest names in Hollywood will face off for the biggest prize in the film industry.

These are the nominees, according to Deadline: Director Matthew Vaughn, actor Anthony Mackie, actress Amy Adams, producer/writer Paul Feig, producer Paul Wernick and producer Kevin Feige.

Vaughn has been nominated for best director, while Adams and Mackie are also nominated for acting, with Feig and Wernack each getting one.

The other big contenders are writer/director Michael Bay, screenwriter Michael Gorelick, actor Michael Chiklis and producer Joel Silverstein.

Bay and Gorelitch have won awards in each of the past three years, and Chikli has been in the running for two years.

The nominees are: Amy Adams for best actress, best actress in a leading role and best supporting actress in an original movie.

Amy Adams will have a tough battle for best supporting actor, which is a rare distinction.

But she will be able to use the competition to her advantage.

The two leading ladies are in the conversation to win best supporting Actress.

Amy also will have to work hard to make it through the final ballot, as she and Feige are vying for best screenplay.

She’s got plenty of competition.

She also has to compete with the nominees for best cinematography, which means the film will have its shot at being nominated for a record six Oscars this year.

If all goes according to plan, Adams and Chikaill will win best cinematographer, with Bay and Feig winning best editing.

But Adams is the clear favorite for best picture, and if she and her team pull it off, she’ll win two Oscars.


Who wins the prize?

We’ve seen the winners before, and that’s usually a bad sign.

But that doesn’t mean the nominees won’t be the ones making the big splash in the ceremony.

The top two actors in each category in each genre will also win, as will the top two actresses.

The biggest winner of all will be Best Director, which will go to Michael Bay.

The rest of the nominees will be chosen by the academy’s judges, who will pick a winner by March 2.

The winner will then be presented at the ceremony in the form of a trophy.

The best acting award will go, of course, to Amy Adams.


Who’s going to be nominated?

If the nominations are what they sound like, then it looks like Adams and Adams’s husband, David Leitch, will be nominated.

They’re the only couple in the world who have both won an Oscar.

Adams and Leitch were nominated for Best Director for The Revenant, which starred Adams as a French actress whose family is killed by an assassin.

She won Best Actress in a Leading Role in The Hateful Eight and Best Supporting Actress in The Danish Girl.

Both were nominated again for The Danish Film Festival.

Leitch is one of the best known people in Hollywood, but he’s only known for playing the lead in the movie The Martian.

The Revenants was a critical darling and earned a Best Picture nomination.

Leitith is also one of Hollywood’s most famous people, with a huge following on social media, which made him an easy choice for Best Actor in a Drama Series.


How are they selected?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will select the nominees based on nominations from previous years.

Awards are typically announced by March 7.

Winners are announced on March 10.

The Academy’s judges will make their picks by March 12.

Winners get to choose their awards, including the best cinematically crafted movie of the year.

The final award will be presented on March 18.


What’s the best way to watch?

There are a number of ways to watch.

You can watch the Academy’s stream on WatchESPN, which also broadcasts the ceremony on TV.

Or, you can watch on your computer, tablet or phone with HBO Go, which makes it easier to watch the live stream.

If you want to catch up on what’s happening around the world, the Academy has a whole Facebook page dedicated to the Oscars.

It’s an incredible resource for getting updates on the awards, and the Academy will also have live commentary from the Academy on its official Facebook page.

The Oscars are broadcast

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