Suva Beauty Supply is selling out of all its beauty products, says founder

SUVA, Fiji — Suva is a small town in the Indian Ocean that is famous for its beautiful beaches.

But this weekend, Suva, Fiji, became the first town in Fiji to become a Beauty Supply store, as the brand announced it would be selling out all its products and discontinuing its website.

The announcement came after the brand’s co-founder, Mihali Shafee, made a speech on Twitter, stating the company was no longer able to sell any of its products.

“Our products are gone,” Shafiee said.

“We don’t know when it will be back.”

The company announced it will discontinue its website on Monday, June 2, and will no longer be accepting orders.

According to Shafees, the company’s sales dropped significantly in 2016 after its founder, Misha, launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $500,000.

The company also had to raise another $400,000 in the same year to stay afloat.

But, Shafies statement has raised questions among fans.

Why are we selling all our products?

Is there no demand for them?

It seems like they just want to give us a discount, he wrote.

But then I look at their sales, it seems like it was just a few weeks ago, and it’s been a few months now, so maybe the people want to take advantage of the deal?

Misha Shafree, co-owner of

What can you tell us about this deal?

Suva has been around for nearly 15 years, but it has been a very tough year for the brand.

In December, the brand was left out of a deal with China’s Zhejiang Nanyang Technological University, which had been scheduled to bring the beauty brand to the country.

In addition, it was left behind in the face of a Chinese ban on the sale of beauty products from abroad.

The Chinese government has also said it will take legal action against any company that sells or distributes beauty products in violation of the country’s laws.

Misha said he is very disappointed with the situation.

What’s the biggest misconception about Suva?

Shafrie said the biggest misunderstanding about Suvas products is that they are all natural products.

The brand does not have any ingredients in them, and that’s the main misconception.

We just don’t want to sell products that are not natural.

Why do you want to change the name?

Because we are trying to reach a larger audience, Shaffee said.

It’s important for us to make our products more attractive, and we are aiming to be an affordable brand.

Shafief said Suva also wants to help people with skin issues, such as oily skin, by offering a range of products.

We have made our products in a way that is easy to use, but we also want to help with the acne issues.

Is the company going to make any drastic changes to its website?

Yes, we are going to be working on the website, Shafa said.

We will be launching the website and also working on new content.

What are your thoughts on Suva’s decision to discontinue the website?

We want to keep working hard to make it as appealing as possible to our fans.

Do you think this is a good thing for the company?

I hope the community stays engaged with the brand, Shafiee said, adding, “ is a great community.

I am very proud of the team.”

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