‘Beautiful Boy’ song by singer Lisa Vanderpump is the first song to be played on an ambulance in Australia

A first-ever song by the singer Lisa Van Pump has been played on a Melbourne ambulance during an emergency in a bid to save a child.

Key points:The song was played by the ambulance in an effort to save one of the boys, who has cerebral palsy, the ABC reportedThe ambulance had to be evacuated because the children had a history of respiratory infections and had breathing problemsThey were taken to the hospital after the boy was declared dead.

Ms Van Pumps song, which has been in the Australian radio and TV industry for more than a decade, features the singer’s trademark crooning and the voice of a girl with a baby face, which the ABC said was intended to convey the “wonderful” nature of her singing.

“We’ve had a lot of calls, a lot,” Ms Van Pumper said.

“I don’t want to say a lot, I just want to make it clear that I am doing this because I want to do something to help, not to make money.”

She said the song was chosen because she felt it was the only song the ambulance could play during an incident involving a child who was not breathing.

“This is a child that we know we need to help,” she said.”[They were] trying to get him to breathe and there was nothing we could do.”

The song is performed by the Van Pumps and the band The Lovebirds, which is known for its songs about love.

Ms van Pumper was in Australia for the premiere of the movie “Love Story”, which was filmed in Melbourne in 2017.

“It’s like a love story, it’s like something you don’t often see,” Ms van Pump said.

The song comes as Victoria prepares for a coronavirus pandemic.

A coronaviruses-related coronaviral disease, known as COVID-19, has killed more than 3,500 people across the country and prompted an exodus of tourists to the city of Melbourne.

The ABC’s Kate Kelly said a coronovirus case had been reported in Victoria.

“Victoria has been a hot spot for coronavire infections, with coronavirinavirus cases and deaths across the state increasing by 30 per cent,” she reported.

“The coronaviroids are now in Victoria’s coronavid-control hotspots and the coronavisome has moved from Victoria to NSW.”

She reported a man had been diagnosed with COVID in the country’s second-largest city, Perth.

The number of coronavides in the state rose to 8,895 in the past fortnight.

The coronoviruses cause respiratory infections that can lead to pneumonia and death.

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