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Walmart is offering the Beauty Boxes for $100 and $100 per day.

You can get two Beauty Box sets, each for $300. 

Each Beauty Box contains 10 beautiful and handcrafted beauty items and each Beauty Box is hand-crafted by a member of the team at the store. 

The box includes a box of handcrafted nail polish, a box full of lip balm, a collection of hand-painted accessories, a hair brush, nail polish remover, and a palette with more than 50 shades of nail polish and lip balms. 

If you’re a beauty addict, this might be your best deal yet. 

I have to admit that I really enjoy these Beauty Box.

I think the boxes are great, they’re a little more affordable than a lot of other beauty products, and they’re pretty fun to make. 

But the biggest bonus with these boxes is that they’re handmade by members of the Walmarts team, who will make sure your box is the best possible. 

They have a lot to say about what makes the products they make special. 

“We are always excited to create new products that complement the beauty of our products and our customers,” said Wendy R. Williams, president of Walmamas beauty and personal care, in a press release. 

One of the boxes included in the sale includes the Beautybox Lipstick, which is an opaque, matte lipstick with a metallic bronze finish that will last for up to four days on the skin. 

Also included in each Beautybox is the BeautyBox Lip Cream, which contains a creamy, matte cream that will nourish your lips for up, four to eight hours. 

 I love the beauty products in the Beautyboxes and will definitely be ordering more of them. 

You can check out the full list of Walmart’s Beauty Box sale here .

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