How to get laid in the Netherlands

When I was a girl, the Netherlands was the sexiest place in the world.

The Netherlands was so sexually active, you could barely find a city without at least one club or pub where you could have sex with your friends.

There were always guys around, there were always girls around, and sex was always free and there was always a new guy to bang every night.

That’s what made me fall in love with it.

I fell in love instantly, so naturally I fell for the Netherlands. 

But when I moved to the Netherlands in the late 90s, things changed.

The Netherlands is not only a sexually conservative country, it also has one of the lowest rates of condom use in the European Union.

And yet, it still boasts a lot of sexy, sexual parties, which make it seem as if every country in the entire world has sex parties.

So, how do you get laid there?

Here are my top tips for finding the best Amsterdam sex party locations.1.

Get the right size.

The Netherlands has a lot to offer for singles and couples.

It’s the perfect place to spend a few hours with your significant other.

If you are new to the world of sex, the best place to start is to ask someone you trust to get you laid. 


Take your time.

When I was in the United States, I would often find myself at parties when there was just a small group of people there.

I would spend the rest of the evening there, enjoying the freedom of the party without anyone knowing.

But in the Amsterdam of the Netherlands, you need to be extra careful when it comes to meeting other people.

When you arrive at a party, don’t make too much noise, especially if you are a bit tipsy.

If the other people in the room are drunk, then you will be the one to start the conversation.3.

Avoid crowds.

While it’s okay to get drunk at a sex party, the only way you will get laid is by talking to people.

You need to keep your distance.


Keep a positive attitude.

The sex parties in Amsterdam are all about having fun and having a good time.

But don’t be too relaxed or put yourself in a compromising position.

You will only ruin yourself.


Find a place with a clear view.

It’s important to choose a place that is clear and not blurry.

If your friend is not going to join you in the bathroom, then there will be no one to chat with.

If there is no clear view, it will be harder to get a decent response from someone.

So make sure you take your time and find a place where the lighting is clear.


Get in touch with the person.

The most important thing when going to a sexparty is to make the experience pleasurable.

And that means getting in touch. 

The Netherlands can be a really fun place to go to, especially with a good friend. 


Have a great time.

Sex parties are great for the whole family.

But it’s also a great place to celebrate a romantic anniversary or a birthday.

So try to bring some fun into the party, and if you’re feeling too horny, try to make yourself feel more relaxed by drinking alcohol.


Find out about sex parties and find out how to get them.

If you want to find the best parties in the country, check out these Amsterdam sex tips for singles.

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