Beauty exchange: How a beauty exchange transformed my life

I was a virgin for nine years, and then a virgin forever.

I am now a married woman.

I have two beautiful sons, both of whom I adore.

I was born a virgin, and yet, I have become a woman who is blessed with an abundance of beautiful men. 

I was the first to be born a woman and the last to be a woman. 

My first boyfriend was the last person to have sex with me. 

I have never had sex in my life. 

All I have ever had is a single orgasm.

I love my husband. 

My children are all my children. 

In the past five years, I was married twice, with three different men, in three different countries.

I’m now single again. 

The first time, I went to the men’s room to get changed.

When I returned to the women’s room, I realized that I had been changed into a woman in the room. 

Two men were there. 

They were all men.

And one of them was beautiful. 

When I came back to the room, they were still standing there.

They were like, “You’re not a virgin anymore.” 

I went in to change, and I saw the man who had changed me.

He was very beautiful.

He looked like a goddess, and he was so beautiful.

And I went back in and I changed into the other woman.

And they had no idea what to do with me because I had changed into another woman.

This happened three times. 

And then, I found out that the first time I was changing into a man, I changed my mind about being a virgin. 

After three years of this, I am married again.

And that is how I discovered beauty exchange. 

One of the most important lessons I learned from my first beauty exchange was that beauty exchange is the key to changing yourself.

It was not easy, but it was worth it. 

To find out how to find beauty exchange, read my book, The New Beauty Exchange. 

What did you think?

Are you ready to experience beauty exchange? 

I am not a beauty.

I do not like it.

I don’t feel like it exists.

I feel like there is no one for me.

I wish there was. 

If you would like to learn more about beauty exchange and how to start it, you can visit my blog, Beautiful Men. 

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Love, Christine

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