How to be the most beautiful person in the world

You can be beautiful.

But if you’re not, then you’re an ugly duckling.

We spoke to the people who know the best way to be beautiful in life.

In this episode of The Beautiful People Show, we talk to a range of beautiful people, from the people of the world’s most beautiful cities to the most celebrated people in the UK.

We start off with a very special guest, the singer-songwriter Mandy Moore, who shares her wisdom with us on how to be a beautiful person.

Then we look at some of the most amazing people around the world who are taking their love of beauty to the next level, and we hear from two of the best-known brands for their beauty products, J. Crew and Clinique.

We also hear from some of our favourite Instagrammers, and the woman who inspired the #BeautyIsLove hashtag.

The whole show is recorded live on the ABC’s Facebook Live.

The Beautiful People Podcast is produced by the ABC, with support from the ABC Trust and the Creative Industries Fund.

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