Beauty supply warehouse closed for $30M in renovations

A beauty supply store in West Covina, California, was shuttered Thursday after it was discovered that the building had been used as a drug-trafficking hub.

The warehouse, located in the 600 block of West Covinaca Road, was closed to the public for six weeks, with inspectors removing equipment, installing new walls, installing ventilation and upgrading the roof.

The warehouse also had several locks on the front and rear doors, said West Covine Police Department Officer Joseph M. Dias.

Dias said investigators were still working to determine if the warehouse had been involved in drug trafficking.

A West Covinas police officer inspects a drug supply warehouse during a raid on April 5, 2021.

The police department said the building was used as an illegal drug trafficking hub.

Police said they believe the warehouse was used to sell illegal drugs, including fentanyl and cocaine.

The police department did not release any additional information about the location or the suspects.

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