The ’80s are coming back to MTV News! 4 new ’90s beauty favorites!

We’ve seen a resurgence of the ’80’s nostalgia, and it’s time to revisit our favorite ’90’s TV shows!

We’re not even talking about the nostalgia of The Twilight Zone or The Bionic Woman, but nostalgia for shows that were never really meant to air on TV: The Simpsons, The Golden Girls, Seinfeld, Family Guy, Family Matters, Family Ties, and even the Golden Girls: The Musical.

Now, we’re talking about new ’80/90s TV shows that you may not have seen before, like The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants, The Simpsons The Movie, The Last Dinosaur, and The Simpsons Family Guy.

All of these shows are great, and we’re going to pick a few of our favorites and discuss them below.1.

Bart vs the Space Mutant2.

Bart Vs. the Spaceship3.

The Last Dino 4.

The Simpsons Theme from the Movie 5.

The Golden Girlfriend 6.

Seinfeld 7.

The Space Mutant Theme from Seinfeld 8.

The Seinfeld Theme from Family Guy 9.

Seaworld Theme from The Golden Girl 10.

Segments 11.

What’s the Most Funniest Fictional Character Ever 12.

The Most Ridiculous Segment of the Night 13.

Dumbest Celebrity Quote 14.

Racist Tweets 15.

Thoughts on the Oscars 16.

And so much more…

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